This page helps you to find general information about the app.

What's TradeX?

TradeX is an information marketplace that lets you trade on your opinion on the world's highest debated topics like (covid, economy, etc). Like stock market y you build your portfolio in the stock market by speculating the stock price movement based on various factors like company performance, news, policies etc, similarly, in TradeX you trade multiple listed events and speculate the outcome based on all relevant information you gather. Market prices reflect what traders think are the odds of future events, turning the trading activity into actionable insights that help people make better decisions.
What is an information Market?
Information Market is a marketplace where highly debatable topics get published as an event and people express their opinion by placing their bids either on Yes or No based on the likelihood of the outcome of the event.
What are your Trading hours?
TradeX is always open for trading and one can place bids 24*7 any time of the day.
How do I Download App?
Go to our website-
Click on the Download app button and download the app
Download the file in your android app
Allow App from the unknown source once you click the app from the downloads folder.
For any query please drop us a mail at [email protected] or reach out to us here