Deposits & withdrawls

This page helps you to find your questions and answers about the Deposits and withdrawls on the app

How do I Deposit Money?

Follow these steps to add cash to your TradeX account.
1️⃣ Profile > Redeem Coins > Add > enter the amount or move the slider to the desired value and tap 'Add Funds'
2️⃣ Select your preferred payment method from UPI, credit or debit card, wallet, and net banking.
3️⃣ Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your payment and done!

How do I redeem Money?

You can withdraw amount any time by going to Profile > Redeem Coins > Withdraw > enter the amount to withdraw and tap 'Withdraw'
A few important things to keep in mind when you place a withdrawal request:
• You can withdraw a minimum of Rs.200/- and a maximum of Rs.10000/- in one go. • You need to complete the KYC process to withdraw money.

How do I place my bid?

You can select a particular event on which you want to bid from the home tab. Select the desired option from Yes/No. You can match an existing open bid or place a new bid.

How does the settlement work?

Once the actual event takes place, we settle the bid based on the outcome of it. ‌ You can check the result of your bid by going to Portfolio > Closed

How do I Monitor my Positions?

How do I know whether my bids are fulfilled or not?

You can check the status of your bid on an event by going to the Portfolio > Active tab.

Is KYC Mandatory for withdrawal?

KYC is mandatory for withdrawing money.

I am not been able to withdraw my wallet balance?

Please Check the following:
• Your KYC process might be pending. You need to complete the KYC process to draw the amount • Your Bank Account number might not have been updated. • You might have tried to withdraw less/more amount than the allowed limit. You can withdraw a minimum of Rs.200/- and a maximum of Rs.10000/- in one go. • If none of these seem to be the reasons, please write to [email protected]

I am not been able to deposit money in cash?

You can add money on TradeX through UPI, credit or debit card, wallet or net banking. In case you are unable to add money through any of these payment modes, the bank server may be down.
We recommend checking with your bank first. If you are still unable to add money, please write to us at [email protected] with your name and mobile number.

I am not been able to withdraw bonus cash from my wallet

You cannot withdraw bonus cash in your bank account, bonus cash can be used to participate in events and take positions. Though, you cannot withdraw winnings on your account by participating through bonus cash. So in order to withdraw money, you need to predict the outcome of the event correctly.

My bid is canceled, but my money is still not in my wallet?

In case of an event cancellation, all money invested in the event will return back in the wallet within 24 hours post the cancellation. In case the issue still persists, do write to us at [email protected] with your name and mobile no and the event details.

How can I trust that my money is secure?

We do not store any payment details shared by you. We partner with third-party payment providers who facilitate all transactions for us. Your data will be securely stored in compliance with applicable laws.
For any query please drop us a mail at [email protected] or reach out to us here
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